Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome to Batman Week on Fruitless Pursuits!

Our Arkham City fever is burning so hot that we've decided why not dedicate a themed week to our favourite caped, crusading, screaming maniac hero! A billionare playboy that dresses like a bat and shatters people's ankles by hurling them off gargoyle-strewn rooftops? What's not to love about that! So why not join us for some special Batman themed content for our CeleBATion. That only works because I spelled it wrong.

Three important things to remember about our Batman Week:

1) We'll still post all our regular non-Batman stuff, but you will see slightly more Batman than usual.
2) It doesn't actually take place over a week. It'll probably be about nine days (that means two whole weekends of (slightly more) Batman!
3) I'm Batman!

So pull on your tights, folks, because it's time to...

And as an extra bonus, join me after the jump for a few vintage comic book Batman LULZ!...

There's no shortage of hilarious Batman photoshoppery and parodies out there - and I'm sure we'll get to them before the week is through - but sometimes the real thing is far funnier. Scornfully laugh at the ignorant naivete of these classic Batman capers! KAPOW!

Tune in next time for more bat-scapades! Same bat-time! Same bat-bullshit!

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