Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fruitless Pursuitscast - Episode Five

Our weekly podcast is back! This week we're ALL AMERICAN. It's Mike Taylor, Mike Wickliff, and J. Tagmire representing the good old USA. Yee-haw.

So what did we nerd out about this week?

The New Muppet Movie trailer
Darth Maul's return
William Shatner sings the (space) hits
Lego Minigures revealed
Angry Birds board game makes gamers bored and angry
Tanto Cuore?
This weeks Batman - Arkham City release
Avengers trailer and supporting films

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  1. Great job!

    -I was the one that posted the Lego minifigs link.

    -The first Lego beard I remember is the old ninja guy back in the late 90's.

  2. We should have known.

    I don't think I remember the ninja beard. I'll have to look around and see if I have any.