Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Re-Crap - Week ending October 16th

Here's this week's re-crap, where we revisit everything we did last week. Did you miss any news? Or any non-news? If so, find it below!

This week we had a ton of posts. Over 60, which was the most yet. Lots of ROCK (as it is still ROCKtober), and a solid balance of Comics, Toys, and Movies.

Click through the jump for all of last weeks topics, sorted nicely!

Nerd Craft: Gremlins applique
D&D Day by Day: Eye of the Deep

Board Games
Dreadfleet Update 2! Lots More Pirate Painting...
Kickstarter Campaign: Zong Shi from Eagle/Gryphon ...
Boards and Beers: Angry Birds the Board Game

The Book Was Better Podcast: Episode 4, High Schoo...

Mistaken hero identities
What's Out? Week of the 12th of Rocktober
Review: Zombie Outlaw #1!
An amazing and awesome animated Adventures of Tint...
The C-List Podcast Episode 16: C-List Comic Charac...


Don't Hold Back
Dormtainment - Straight Outta Dunwoody
Rocktober Gallery Day #10
ROCKTOBER: Santana Shreds! (plus Slash, Eddie Van ...
Rocktober Gallery Day #11
ROCKtober review - The Pretty Reckless
ROCKtober: William Freakin' Shatner!
ROCKtober: Before You Were Born - A mix by J. Tagm...
Rocktober Gallery Day #14
Rocktober Mixtape: Jessica
When Actors Attack! (Music)
Rocktober Gallery Day #16

Kickstart the Week: Myachi Battle Paddle - A game ...
Yardsailing: Can You Name These Action Figures?
Found at Walmart: Masters of the Universe Hot Whee...
Halloween Advent 2011 - Lego Figure Calendar by Mo...
Local Toy Fair Haul!: Ewoks! Alf! Rock Lord!??

Bored To Death returns tonight!
The Clone Wars - Preview Image, Sneak Peek and Rem...
Darth Maul Returns to The Clone Wars: Teaser!
Recap: America's Next Top Model Season 17, Episode...
Clone Wars Recap S4 E06: Nomad Droids!

Video Games

Fruitless Pursuits Podcast: Episode Four.
Signs You're Giving Superheroes A Bad Name
Thank Gif It's Friday
Oh internets
Live Action Voltron!! Sort Of...
Apple movie
No Beer
Knife Gun

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