Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Walken Penguin Dead

This is really awesome

I really wish I thought of that. I love Christopher Walken and making a whole bunch of zombie Walkens is the best thing in the world... well a zombie apocalyptic world

I have spread the zombie video virus after the jump about a Zombie wearing a penguin suit

Makes me think of that wii fit balance game where you have to catch the fish. I guess the fish in this case would be humans.

I do like that scene where the guy is about to smoosh the guy in the penguin suit but he hesitates because he is all 'awwwwww what a cute zombie'. As with all zombie films, hesitation = death.

Well Walking Dead has started again and hopefully it will get back to the comic story. The production looks a bit shakey with the series director being fired and budget cuts so I'm not sure if that is a good thing. We are still so far away from my section of the comic series which are the issues with The Governor goddamit.

I haven't read the comic in awhile. I wonder what is going on.

Oh this is an interesting interview with George Romero about passing on directing/being involved with Walking dead and his thoughts on Zombie movies.

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