Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yardsailing: The Boring Batman Edition (Plus a Bunch of Much Better Toys)

It's Batman week and I just happened to pick up a bunch of Batman figures at a yard sale. They are all actually Batman (I think). I know they make like 50 million variants of the superhero, and then one or two of the villains. It's pretty boring, and each one gets more ridiculous than the last (SEE EXAMPLE).

The rare, exclusive Armpit-Sniffing Batman
...but forget about the crazy ones and check out my 7 boring Batmen, and then a if you survive the boredom, check out the groups of AWESOME toys I picked up. There's Mighty Max, Biker Mice From Mars, Duck Tales, Super Mario Bros (The Movie!) and Last Action Hero.

I should probably start this off by mentioning that I haven't seen any of the Batman films since the original Tim Burton one, and I definitely don't remember anything about the film. All that I remember is from the trading cards of the film. I also have the Arkham Asylum Lego Set, the Death in the Family graphic novel, and the Batman Forever soundtrack. That's my entire history with Batman.

Goth Batman

Tan and Buff Batman 
Tae Kwon Do Batman

Soft Face, but Hard Muscle Batman

Dancing With The Stars Batman

"I'm Not Sure If This Is Batman" Batman

Big Boobs and Big Boots Batman

Ok, now that we're done with that... here's the good stuff.

Not bad for $15.00.


  1. Holy. Shit. Where to start?

    Firstly, seriously treat yourself to a Batman movie marathon. The Dark Knight is one of the best movies ever made so don't cheat yourself out of that, and Batman Begins is solid but I'd watch it second. Batman Returns is an interesting and not always successful dark experiment, Batman Forever is a gaudy clusterfuck of campy fun, and Batman and Robin is a hilarious train wreck. They're all infinitely watchable for their own reasons.

    I lolled at Dancing With the Stars Batman. When Bane broke Batman's back in the comics and he was out of commission for a year or so, that was what the replacement Batman wore and was actually touted as the new permanent design. It looks so ridiculous now. I love it.

    And great find with Last Action Hero and Super Mario Bros. What a haul!

  2. I'll watch the Batman films. I know some are REALLY good, and I think I even own a few.. I just haven't jumped in and watched them. I'll pick one and go for it.

    The Last Action Hero figures were great. I loved that movie. It was so silly, but so much fun. I remember buying the figures when I was a kid and loving them. I think there are at least two more.

    And the Mario ones, I had no clue they even existed. The guy at the yard sale was pretty awesome and put together sets of everything. There was a lot more, definitely hundreds of figures. If it wasn't in the the weirdest town ever (beanie baby collections at every house), he would have sold out of everything. There were some mid-late 90's Star Wars, about a dozen Star Trek, these weird samurai robots that were kind of like Power Rangers, and the one that I really regret not buying.. the Robin Hood Battle Wagon.

  3. YOU FOOL! The Robin Hood Battle Wagon is the same mold as the Ewok Battle Wagon, right? ARRRRRRGH!! YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL!

  4. Yeah, I'm an asshole when it comes to buying Ewok stuff lately. :(

    But I did get the Robin Hood Ewok Village a few weeks ago.

  5. Oh my god, those Biker Mice are in such good condition! The ones I scrounged up on eBay look like they've spent years being chewed on by a toddler. I'm very jealous.