Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Return to the FP (Movie Review of The FP)

In 2011 the Trost brothers wrote and directed a frightening depiction of our future. One so dark and frightening it was hard to watch. But watch it I did dear reader, as I, Michael Taylor, much like JTRO, must return to Frazier Park to relive the dark post apocalyptic future where rival gangs fight to the bitter end in epic heart pounding games of Beat Beat Revelation.

I must return to the FP.

This is my review.

The FP is 82 minutes of non-stop dystopian intensity set in Frazier Park, a small town full of rival gangs (and honestly thats all that seems to live in the FP) who settle their differences and leadership pecking order through games of Beat Beat Revelation, which strikes a glaring resemblance to a certain dance mat rhythm game. If the FP were a video game it would be best described as Blood Dragons meets white trash Fallout set in modern day Detroit. And every second of it is glorious.

Ok, so the movie opens with the brothers BTRO and JTRO, members of the 248 clan psyching themselves up for a heated match of Beat Beat Revelation (aka Dance Dance Revolution) against rival clan 245 for what seems to be supremacy over all gangs and the official leader of the FP. Decked out in oversized boots, seemingly patriotic leather vests and bandanas the competition starts and all signs point to BTRO knocking this one out of the park.

“Damn, Sno-Co! What are you for Halloween, a bitch?”
But things quickly go south for BTRO as he starts to fumble and misstep and fall (and apparently died) much to the dismay of brother JTRO who quickly rushes to his side, only to let out a harrowed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I WILL NEVER PLAY BEAT BEAT REVELATION AGAIN!"

Cut to what apparently is the Pacific Northwest where apparently time has moved on since the fall of BTRO. JTRO has moved here to become a lumberjack and escape his past where Beat Beat Revelation is not a common thing found in lumberjacking communities. Enter KCDC, the MC of the BBR battle that took BTROs life. He's come looking for JTRO because the "dark times" have found the town, and he needs to return to the FP to take down L Dubba E (the same man who beat BTRO).

While JTRO returns to the FP and finds it run down and in ruins, he is apprehensive to being able to L Dubba E as he has lost faith in himself. L Dubba E's gang pretty much runs this town and has outlawed Beat Beat Revolution (thus assuring his reign on the throne). KCDC brings JTRO to BLT who will serve as his mentor and restore his confidence in himself while training him to be the best that he can be at BBR in a subterranean training center.

Seriously, I'm not making this up.

What follows is several training montages of JTRO and BLT running through fields and lines of tires preparing to take on L Dubba E for leadership of the FP. Along the way JTRO reconnects with his love Stacy and learns to be a N.I.G.G.A (Never Ignorant at Gettin’ Goals Accomplished). There's a shootout, and a strange drive by. In the end, JTRO and L Dubba E go head to head in Beat Beat Revelation one final time. The final scene you will not see coming.

What is a town without any motherfucking ducks?

As absurd as this overview may sound, the movie really commits to itself. throughout it everyone stays true to character and the dialogue while massively vulgar is consistent throughout (that in itself is amazing). Visually this is a tribute to movies like the Warriors or the Blood of Heroes. Though the real hero of the movie is the soundtrack as it manages to synthesize its way deep into your emotions and really pulls you into its heart.

The story being told? Its really fucking dumb. But you can't turn away. It grips you by the teeth and pulls you along as you learn of the downfall of the FP and JTROs journey towards its redemption. This is not a movie that will win awards in Hollywood but is incredibly memorable and worth the while if you can make it to the end.

We live together, we die together

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