Friday, December 6, 2013

The Unheard 13 of 2013: Day 1: Geri X - "The Perfectionist (In Love With the City)"

I'll share my Top 10 Albums of 2013 later on this year, but I figured that I would take some time to offer up some songs that you probably didn't catch over the course of 2013 to help aid in your quest to find that perfect song from this year. So, for the next 13 weekdays, I'll be offering up 13 of my favorite hidden gems of this calendar year.

The first song is Geri X's "The Perfectionist (In Love With the City)," a song I tripped up on somehow along the way from her album Loyalty Sport. It's a pretty interesting, straightforward singer-songwriter rock track, but what fascinates me most about it is that the song has a number of interesting versions. The version above is an early cut that doesn't get the full impact of some of the remixes available, and then there's this dance remix that I happen to love but is so far off from what I originally heard...

Either way, a solid song you should know and love. Her website is here.

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