Monday, December 2, 2013

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013 Day 2: Hello Sailor!

Ho ho how about we delve back into the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar and see what glorious bounties await us from a galaxy far, far away! Yesterday we got a cowardly yellow droid so the law of averages suggest that we will get something far less impressive today. Like a peanut shell, or a piece of lint. Or will the stars align?

Let's quit guessing and blast our way into... Door Number 2!

And it's... a...

Okay... no don't tell me... I got this... not a vulture droid... not a Geonosian starfighter... not an indistinct brown blob with a radar dish on the side.

If your young one is currently quizzically turning this thing over and over in their hand wondering what the hell it is, and why they didn't get something awesome like a Chewbacca, then don't fret, you can assuredly inform them that this is, in fact... Count Dooku's Solar Sailer!

Yes, Count Dooku, the elderly Sith lord who can barely walk but can back-flip around like an Olympic gymnast, travels around - very slowly - in this brown mess that has a big fold out parachute and harnesses the power of the sun. While everyone else prefers to use jet engines and hyperdrives. Imagine getting stuck behind this guy. It is from Attack of the Clones though, which supports yesterday's theory.

It's not an especially dynamic vehicle, and it's not an especially memorable vehicle, and it does not make for a particularly interesting toy. If you've had a Lego Star Wars advent calendar before then you will realise that there is a theme forming. Millennium Falcon? Love it! Slave-One? Awesome! Grandpa Dooku's Sunny Sailor Boat? Not so much.

Maybe things will get better tomorrow?

And for those keeping score, I am pitting this calendar against the dinosaur themed Playmobil one! (Check out today's entry here). And today I have to give it to Playmobil for the sheer awesomeness of Indiana Jones's actual hat!

Star War Lego Advent Calendar: 1
Jurassic Park Playmobil Advent Calendar: 2

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  1. Once again, what would we do without this site. Already needed it 2 days. Don't get me wrong, I waited patiently all year just for the humor and competition vs playmobil, so I was going to read anyway! Thx for the picture, had to show him it flies "sideways".