Saturday, December 15, 2012

FP Gift Guide: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Apologies for this gift post being a little later than intended, I started researching Batman gift ideas and became so overwhelmed with the gargantuan amount of crap that's available to buy with a Bat logo on it, that I fell into a Bat-coma for a week. Jump below the cut to check out what I found before I started feeling weak and needed to have a lie down.

We all have at least one friend who loves Batman, be it the crazy one who has read every story ever involving Batman in the history of ever, or the casual fan who likes the movies but isn't hard core about every scrap of canon. Sure, you're never going to have trouble finding something Batman-related to get them, but just in case you're feeling REALLY lazy this list will be handy. Let's start with Bat-shirts, seeing as it IS the season to don our gay apparel.

'Mini Bats' - $26.95 at RedBubble
'Riddler Supervillain Logo' - $29.20 at RedBubble
'Batman America' - $26.95 at RedBubble
'Be Cool' - $26.00 at 80sTees
'Robin is Batman's Wingman' - $21.99 at Super Hero Stuff
Of course, your gay apparel doesn't have to be limited to tshirts, so here are a few other bits that you can wear on your Bat-person while fighting crime (or playing video games with a belly full of turkey and ham...okay maybe not the first one).

$39.99 at Super Hero Stuff

$44.99 at Super Hero Stuff
$9.99 at Super Hero Stuff
$13.99 at Super Hero Stuff
Do you have a friend who loves both Batman and the Pittsburgh Steelers and had a tiny meltdown when they saw The Dark Knight Rises and realised that several members of the Gotham Rogues were actual proper NFL players? Your gift dilemmas for them are now solved, with this Gotham Rogues fan tshirt, and this little mini Hines Ward in his Rogues uniform. I may or may not have both of these already en route to my house.

'Gotham Rogues Fan Shirt' - $25.85 at RedBubble
$12.99 at Big Bad Toy Store
Want to give a brand new Bat fan something to read over the holidays? Book Depository has you covered as always, with a big selection of all the classics (and probably some of the crap trades too).

$16.35 at Book Depository
$19.78 at Book Depository
$13.65 at Book Depository
We reviewed the next two books a couple of months ago and absolutely loved them. Highly highly recommended for anyone with even a passing interest in Batman. You can read our reviews here.

$30.58 at Book Depository
$34.95 at Book Depository
If you're aiming for something a little more high-end, there's a bunch of great statues coming out next year available for pre-order. Sure, you wouldn't be able to give it as a gift AT Christmas, but knowing there was a Premium Format Batman in your future is a pretty great present!

$399.99 at Sideshow Collectibles
$110.00 at Kings Comics
$324.00 at Big Bad Toy Store
Batman's on a HORSE! Hopefully this Bat-guide proved useful, but as I said before if you're looking for a Batman-related gift you really shouldn't have much problem finding something. It's Batman.



  1. As several people's "at least one friend" Batman fan, I would like to thank you for this valuable public service! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Correction: Batman shitting on a horse is awesome!

  3. Batman on a horse is weird, and I absolutely want one.

  4. Batman on a horse was at NYCC and I stared at it for a long, long time.

  5. I can't wait to see this Batman on a Horse scene in the second part of the animated Dark Knight Returns. That's soon, right?