Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012, Day 13: I Have the Power!

It’s day 13 of the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, an unlucky number for some but, after yesterday’s awesome gift, will it be lucky for us? So far the Lego Calendar Gods have swung their mighty (Lego) pendulum wildly between Phantom Menace obscurity and Empire Strikes Back awesomeness. Will today’s gift put a smile on your child’s dial? Or is it tears before bedtime?

Let’s crack open Door #13... after the jump!

Oh... my... god...

Now, if you haven’t figured out what this is yet then you may be prematurely disappointed. You may hastily dismiss this as another nondescript piece of crap. BUT YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG! This is actually one of the greatest gifts we’ve received so far.

Because this, my friends, is a GNK Power Droid, better known as a Gonk because he makes a delightful, “gonk gonk” noise in A New Hope. In fact all this guy ever says is “gonk” like he’s some kind of robot Pokemon. He’s one of the most awesomest, badass droids in the original trilogy. Plus I’m pretty sure that, throughout the course of shooting, at least three little people suffocated to death inside him. Oh look! Here's one now...

Many of us will remember his original action figure which made a great clicking noise when you moved his legs and was almost impossible to stand. He was beloved by millions and hopefully will be the breakout star of Disney’s upcoming sequel trilogy. Star Wars Episode VII: A Whole Lotta’ Gonk.

I know its cost-prohibitive for Lego to fill a whole calendar with minifigs, but if they’re going to do gifts made out of regular components then this is a wonderful solution. The Gonk is very much a character (hey, he has his own action figures) and is a worthy addition to any minifig line-up. Perhaps all he’s missing is some stickers? Regardless, well done, Lego! And readers, if your kids don’t appreciate the Gonk today then send the little ingrates to their room.

In our ongoing competition between this calendar and the Playmobil Game of Thrones calendar, I have to give the point to this one today. The Playmobil gift was great but Gonks are the greatest.

Playmobil Game of Thrones Advent Calendar: 7
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar: 6


  1. I GONK THE POWER!!!!!!! By the way i bet im the only one up at 5:00 am just to see your awesome comentary

  2. Oh...My...God...
    Needless to say this website saved the day again. Or else both him and I would have been sulking in our unappreciative ingrate-rooms all day. Amazing how knowing the name "Gonk" can make such a difference.
    And I'm with Griffin, this is now the first website I check in the morning.

  3. The Gonk was my favorite so far in my kids' LA Calender!