Saturday, December 15, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 16: Kill Kill Kill!

It's Day #16 of the constantly ramping Game of Thrones inspired (maybe) Playmobil Advent Calendar which continues to sluggishly race like molasses towards which is (about 35% guaranteed) to be a gripping, blood-soaked and possibly sexy finale. Now that's a sentence!

Let's tear off Door #16 like a flimsy bodice... after the jump!

 Is it a catapault? A moat? A battering ram? A flame-haired, busty, medieval prostitute?

No... it's...

Weapons! Two more grisly implements of death to be wielded by current contender for the throne, Mad Dragon-Bangin' Gary Targaryen. This time he gets his own sword, however, it contains no mystic gems and instead is a simple iron beast known throughout the land as: The Medium Chunker. Also included here is some kind of polearm with a vicious axe on the end, presumable for use while riding nightmare ebony stead Bat-Samuel L. Horseson. This mighty long-reach weapon has been given the illustrious name of Jeff.

There's Mad Gary swinging his weapons wildly and hollering gibberish and cusswords at the castle doors, spoiling for a fight with that pussy, Sir Dudley of Moore. Now I feel pretty assured that Gary is completely geared up now, so with both knights ready for battle I am very curious to see what gifts we will receive in our final week and a bit. Could be ANYTHING really. Like a medieval giraffe.

WE SHALL FIND OUT TOMORROW! Unless you've already started skipping these, I guess.

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  1. I love your reviews! Wouldn't skip it. What is you plan with Playmobile and Lego after January 25th?