Thursday, December 13, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 13: Nightmare!

Now officially over the halfway point, our Game of Thrones inspired Playmobil Advent Calendar starts its race to the finish! Who will prevail over Playmobil Kings Landing? The dastardly, yet apparently cowardly, Sir Dudley of Moore, or batshit insane Mad Targaryen Gary who weeps dragon blood and, before all this is through, may summon/seduce a dragon!

But in the meantime, let’s find out what wickedness lies behind the suspiciously large Door #13... after the jump!

And... it’s... a...

Big, beautiful, black stallion! Look at this powerful ebony beast, all rippling muscles and hatred. With burning red eyes and plumes of steam streaming out of his hellish nostrils! Hooves spark on cobblestone! His wild mane like a nest of snakes straining to bite the wind! We shall call him... Samuel L. Horse-son!

Of course Gary Targaryen is so shit-on-your-pillow insane that he’s not sure whether he should try to ride Samuel L. Horse-son or eat him. Samuel L. Horse-son doesn’t know whether he should trample Gary Targaryen or eat an apple. IT’S HARD OUT HERE TO BE A HORSE.

Perhaps we should give them some time alone to get to know each other? Will they both survive the night? Probably. More will be revealed... TOMORROW.

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