Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lego Minifigures Series 9 - Sneak Peek Images and Information on Series 10 and 11!

The ongoing and always interesting Lego Minifigure series is continuing with its 9th set due in stores next month. The images are start to roll out, so let's not waste anymore time and get right into it.

A chicken costume with custom arms! So awesome. This looks like it's going to be one of the best recent sets, but I do have a few issues with it...

Click through the jump for a LEGO RANT! 

First of all, CAN WE PLEASE DITCH THE SQUARED OFF DRESS PIECES. The mini figure has become so dynamic over the past few years, more and more with each brick that is made, yet they are holding onto these awful dress bottoms. Why are they insistent on upgrading everything else, yet they are persistent with the dresses? This series has three of them, and they stick out so bad. 

Here's a great comparison. Just look at the knight in the above picture. The curved armor looks amazing. Next to the Forest Archer girl, it just doesn't mesh. The easy solution is to take that sharp-angled mess and to soften the edges up. Round them out a little and call it a day. It would be a massive improvement.

The only reason I think they haven't done this, would be to differentiate from the female-geared, Lego Friends line. I can't see the reasoning in that, but there is a marketing angle for everything.

Look at the this image. The dress pieces are hidden all the way in the back. Everybody is staged in these semi-realistic poses, but you can't pose a square.

Onto the other disappointments = not much. Maybe the Plumber? Kind of boring, and we've seen the overall look a few times before. I was also thinking that if you have all of the POTC stuff, the Mermaid might be a little repetitive, but not if you want to expand on that line. And I think the two-faced guy is just a little creepy.

Anyway, onto the awesome stuff.

The Chicken Suit is perfect. These mascot-ish animal outfits have been the highlights for me. I dream for Lego to release a Super Smash Bros. style video game where you choose your favorite minifig to fight as. I would choose the Chicken in a second. 

The Cyclops is also perfect. A wonderful addition to any fantasy set. Great head sculpt.

The Judge. While the cloth robe will forever irk me, I love that we're getting a classic wigged Judge. 

The Police Officer. The design on this is very solid, and is so much better than the police I used to collect.

Roller Derby Girl. Those skates are going to be fun.

And the Roman Emperor, Waiter and Battle Mech guy are all really cool.

Ok, enough ranting... time to obsess about the future.

From The Brick Blogger's reliable source:
Series 10Sea CaptainSad Clown
LibrarianGrandpaBumblebee GirlRoman CommanderWarrior WomanDecoratorTomahawk WarriorTrendsetterBaseball FielderRevolution SoldierMotorcycle MechanicMedusaSkydiverPaintball Player

Series 11
YetiEvil MechWelderLady RobotJazz MusicianConstableHoliday ElfBavarian LadyScarecrowMountain ClimberGrandmaTiki WarriorGingerbread ManBarbarianDinner WaitressScientist
Some fluff in there, but my collection needs a Yeti, Sad Clown and Lady Robot.


  1. Amen on the square dresses. Turns what could be some cool mini gigs into blobs. Kind of reminds me of the REALLY old Lego that had blocks for legs and octopus arms.

    1. ....and yet Lego evolved in that area! These square dresses are so behind the times.