Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 12: Uh, Double Up, Uh, Uh!

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through our epic Game of Thrones inspired (possibly) Playmobil Advent Calendar and, therefore, halfway to Christmas!? And so much has happened already! We geared up the tyrannical Sir Dudley of Moore, currently holed up in King’s Landing with faithful steed, Thundercracker, and we recently met Dragon-Bangin’ Mad Gary Targaryen who has been gathering equipment with which to storm the keep. It’s all so exciting you could backflip/shit.

To find out what lurks behind Door #12... join me after the jump!

And its... a...

Shield? That’s it? I’m afraid so. A somewhat meagre offering for Gary Targaryen today who may have angered his eldritch gods by failing to read that map they gave him yesterday.

I kind of find it odd that Gary would even need a shield to deflect his enemy’s blows. I mean here is a guy that seems so confident in his abilities that he doesn’t even have sleeves! But maybe there’s more to this shield than we first thought.

I think this is actually an enchanted Shield of Illusion. Because why would you wield a battle-axe AND a shield with a PICTURE of a battle-axe on it, unless you wanted to create the illusion that you were actually wielding TWO battle-axes, and were, thereby, twice as deadly! It’s a good trick, Gary. Your enemies will surely front-flip/piss.

We’ve only had small gifts these last couple of days so I’m hoping that they are paving the way for something BIG.

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  1. I guess Gary should be called gary the barbarian man who slain sir dudley of moore