Friday, December 14, 2012

Game of Thrones Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 14: This Horse is Censored!

It’s Day #14 of our epic, blood-drenched Game of Thrones inspired (maybe) Playmobil Advent Calendar which, to be fair, has mostly consisted of two knights standing around and gearing up. BUT yesterday Dragon-Bangin’ Mad Gary Targaryen received a beautiful, black, rippling, steaming, bucking, hatred-filled steed called Samuel L. Horseson, and today’s door is nearly as big!

Let’s pry open Door #14... after the jump!

And... it’s... a...

I know what it’s for but I don’t know what it’s called. A horse-sheet? A horse-cloth? Horse-curtains?

I think what’s really happening here is that the perpetually restless Samuel L. Horseson is so shamelessly aroused by thoughts of the impending war that his incredibly sexy and well-endowed horse body must be draped in heavy, black, censoring cloth. Hopefully this will both shield the fires of his equine loins, and protect your delicate sensibilities as we continue. Do bear in mind that many of the villagers in the surrounding areas have been artificially shortened thanks to Sir Dudley’s mighty sword, Midget-Maker, and the last thing and of those poor, suffering peasants need now is an eyeful of Samuel!

But still no saddle, so it is still impossible for Mad Gary to ride this hard bucking bronco, and in fact it’s also kind of difficult just to keep the cloth from sliding around. We might need more horse-themed gifts to tame this wicked beast. Perhaps a solution will present itself tomorrow? I’m hoping it will be in the form of a faux leather massaging chair that will strap to Sam’s back.

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll both find out!

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