Thursday, August 18, 2011

App Review: Hipster City Cycle!

Hipsters, whether you like them or not, you have to admit... they have some cool bicycles! Lately I've found myself falling into the bicycle scene. Looking at fixed gears on craigslist is just a daily thing for me. So, of course I got really excited when I found this!  A couple months back, a handful of Philadelphia's game developers/local hipsters made a really fun iPhone app called: Hipster City Cycle.

You play as Binky, a mustachioed paralegal that's sick of money and conformity. You decide that you just want to ride your bike through the streets of Philadelphia and blow your hard earned cash on soft pretzels, new bike parts, and parties for your buds.  So first thing's first, Binky's got to quit his lucrative job! The game takes place in the real streets of Philadelphia. Center City, North Liberties, South Philly and West Philly... it's all there!

Gameplay is pretty simple. Basically, just ride through the streets looking as cool as you can. You get scored on the style of your bike, your skill and time. Everything is compiled into your "cool" score. The more non player characters you tap while riding, the more party attendants you get. And remember, your main goal is to spend all your cash and be penniless; so you want lots of friends to waste your money on. Visually, the game is amazing. It's classic 8 bit in style and locally made chiptune soundtrack are a perfect combination.

Here are some highlights:

  • Fun Story & Characters
  • Customizable Bicycles
  • Philadelphia Landmarks for Locals
  • Great Art & Music
  • Gameplay is Fun and Challenging
  • Simple Controls
  • Danny DeVito's Cameo as Frank Reynolds
I can't say there's nothing wrong with the game. The steering is a little wonky, but is reliable for the most part. But this game is so goofy and fun that I don't think it's necessary to nitpick apart.

All in all, Hipster City Cycle is a real fun game worth the $2. I envy Binky and his carefree, latte drinkin, traffic-law-breaking lifestyle. One day I'll be him.

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  1. holy crap, I think I need this! I think it would sit nicely next to my Tiny Tower obsession.