Friday, August 19, 2011

Project Runway Recaps: S09 E04

Welcome to another week of Project Runway! As always, you don't have to have seen the show, you just have to love laughs and life and love.

This week the designers have to make something for a client but WHOAH it's Nina Garcia! (Didn't you totally see that coming?) This is a pretty big challenge because Nina hates colour, prints, volume, fun and happiness.

First of all, they start sketching and I am totally freaked out/delighted when Kimberley drew a vagina on her sketch before she started drawing clothes on it. Then I start saying 'Nina's vagina' over and over in head head as though it rhymes.

Viktor, who continues to be a little weasel and is shaping up to be a great Season Villain, just about wets himself when he gets to sit with Nina. " I'm super-excited to be sitting next to you, you're like amazing," he gushes. Later on the runway he cheeps, "I really paid attention and listened to you" and Nina pushes his head to the floor in a gesture of dominance.

Cecilia continues to be a delight with her accent. "I need to feex my model's neeples," she complains. "She has huge neeples." When her fabric looks different in the workroom than in the fabric store, she says, "I couldn't believe my mind!" I want to make this a catchphrase. Come on you guys, we can make this happen!
Poor Tim is freaking out. "I'm sweating through my suit," he says, as though he has sweat glands like normal people. That's sweet, Tim, but we all know you only perspire Brut champagne.

When the safe designers are sitting in the waiting room and discussing the others' chances, Bert solemnly states that "I have a sneaking suspicion that Oliver stands a good chance!" Unfortunately Oliver is sitting next to him. Oliver does not seem to find this as funny as Bert does.

Michael Kors (is it just me or does he look like Eric from Tim & Eric?) says that Danielle's sad green receptionist shirt would only be appropriate for a Joan Crawford-themed St Patrick's Day party. I have never wanted to go to a St Patrick's Day party before.

However, it is Julie who goes home. She is surprised, despite the fact that she has been consistently in the bottom. Kimberley wins, which I think is dumb but I don't care as long as Viktor doesn't win because that would be unbearable. Anya is in the top 3 and when asked by the judges about her seemingly supernatural sewing skills, she modestly accepts the praise but doesn't mention that Laura helped her (which made me hate Laura slightly less, I guess). But Anya is so cute, how can I be mad at her?
In case you're wondering, this is what I was wearing while I watched this episode. Please note the heat pad around the neck and mismatched socks; they're going to be huge this season.


  1. Is it Neena's Vageena or Nyyna's Vagyyna? This clarification is very important.

  2. I can't find any youtube videos of this Cecilia and her accent!