Monday, August 15, 2011

Comics Misappropriation! Plus: Five Card Nancy!

Grug's earlier post inspired me to dig into my own archive of hilariously doctored newspaper strips. Rambunctious mischief makers have appropriated classic newspaper strips and replaced the dialogue - and sometimes the art - with their own, making for some entertaining, mildly offensive, and incredibly bizarre re-interpretations.

I collected these some time ago, probably mostly from the geniuses at Something Awful but perhaps a few other sources as well. Sadly I do not have the information to credit the pranksters, but I'm guessing that, by the nature of these strips, they're willing to play pretty loose with accreditation. That said, if you lay a claim to any of these then let me know (and show me more of your stuff!).

See more after the jump (slightly NSFWish for language mostly) and then we'll misappropriate something of our own by playing a game or two of the legendary Five Card Nancy.

Here's a few of my favourites:

This one isn't a direct mangling of an actual strip, but you get the idea (click to enlarge)

And superheroes aren't immune:

This one's my absolute favourite:

And who can forget prickly-haired favourite Nancy and her hobo thug friend Sluggo:

Speaking of Nancy, this is where we can misappropriate some comics of our own! Comics expert and the inventor of 24 Hour Comics Day, Lord Scott McCloud, also created the game Five Card Nancy, where participants lay down random Nancy panels and try to create an original strip. You can read all the rules here.

But if you want a quick fix, you can create your own five-panel Nancy strips using this convenient online editor right here at 741.5 Comics! There are plenty of random Nancy panels to choose from and you can line them up in any way you wish to try to tell a coherent (or maybe not so coherent) story!

I couldn't resist, so here are some "original" Nancy strips of my own devising. Enjoy!


Send  your creations to contactATfruitlesspursuitsDOTcom and we'll show them off!


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