Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Clone Wars Series 4 Trailer: Ackbar and Mandalorians and Sith! Oh My!

If you're a lapsed Clone Wars viewer or dismissed the series completely, then let me assure you that it gets better and better, continually evolving into something that feels like a welcome bridge between the two trilogy of films. What you may not be aware of: John Favreau is a Mandalorian, Anakin is ten times better than the one in the films (and chokes people when nobody's watching), Darth Maul has a brother (and may still be alive), and Ahsoka is pretty much legal now and doesn't call the future Darth Vader "Skyguy".

And if you just hate prequel stuff in general (for shame!) then there are plenty of original trilogy links. Seasons 2 and 3 saw episodes featuring: Bossk, Boba Fett, Greedo, Sy Snootles, Tarkin and Chewbacca. And we already know that the new season will introduce Admiral Ackbar and Dengar (hopefully to give a Lucas approved explanation for his bandaged head. I'm hoping "got liquored up and hit it on the sink". Then I hope we get an explanation for his loafers).

Season Four: Battlelines, is soon to hit (September 16th) and this new trailer shows off a lot of cool stuff we haven't yet seen (especially after the half-way point). I'm amped! I can be amped enough for both of us if I have to!


  1. Drunk hit head on sink, then woke up wrapped in toilet paper?

  2. Am I an ass for just wanting this CG shit to be straight-up Original Trilogy? Should I just shave my bush and get over myself?

    I watch the show, and I agree, it isn't bad, sometimes it is downright daring in that it will go an entire episode without a main character even making an appearance, but I just don't quite understand why The Mighty GL won't touch the Original Trilogy or go past it (ala post ROTJ) and give us old farts what we have been hungering for.

  3. I think he's still experimenting and this had tied up a fair amount of his resources. He's on track though, they're doing amazing things with the look of the show and he's getting less precious and more playful as they continue. It feels to me like he's genuinely excited about it again and that's a good thing.

    But I agree, I'd love to see a show in the same style that takes place between a New Hope and Empire Strikes Back and follows Luke, Leia and Han. All sorts of problems there though because you can't have Luke meeting Vader, and Luke by rights should be still macking on Leia - which would be weird. But if you go between Empire and Jedi then you don't have Han. And what's the point post Jedi when everyone's moved on and Vader's dead? Tough one. But I'm sure they could find a way. They'll probably do it when this one runs its course (why split there audience now?)

    AND they'd be nuts not to do an Indiana Jones series in the same style.

  4. Agreed on Indy.

    Did you ever read the Heir to the Empire trilogy? Or Dark Empire or Dark Empire II or any of that shit? Any of those stories would be great to do as 'sequels' to the Original Trilogy.

    Everyone has been dying to know what would be official 'canon' to GL as far as post ROTJ, and it would be great, especially if GL has no plans to do it on film which would be best obviously.

    And I always thought if there was a story beyond Jedi, and a new Sith pair tried to take power using the remnants of the scattered Empire, you don't have to be a Skywalker to BE Vader. Vader is like is an 'idea'...I had this image in my head of some dark jedi going to Endor in the dead of night in a raging storm, slicing his way through groups of Ewoks and making his way to the pile of ashes that was Vader's pyre, and digging through the soaking wet muck and pulling out the helmet, wiping away the filth from it, lighting glancing off the metal.

    What better way to mind-fuck an older, 60-ish Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who has assembled a new Jedi Order, than to take on the visage of his slain dead father as you try to re-take the known galaxy?

    And you could STILL have Hamill playing Luke, Luke could get killed in the first episode, and his son or one of Han and Leia's could be one of the main Jedi Knights who needs to have the hero's journey and discover who this new 'Vader' is and try to destroy this new Sith apprentice and discover who his master is, junk like that.

    I'd see the midnight showing of that shit.

  5. Never considered someone taking on the mantle of Vader but that's interesting. Intriguing for sure, the question would be how to give this new guy weight. He'd need quite a journey to be up there with Vader.

    I'm not thrilled by the Expanded Universe and it's never felt like Star Wars for me. Say what you will about Lucas, I find his canon to usually be superior. I have no interest in Mara Jade, or Jacen and Jaina Solo or any of that stuff. And from what I've heard, Lucas isn't a big fan either.

    Here's my contribution though! Leia shouldn't marry Han. Because that's ridiculous. Han cannot be tamed. He can try to settle down and it might even work for a year or so but then they should go on very different paths and he should be back in the falcon cruising around while she does the politician thing. And they should meet up at some event and it should be super awkward because she's all regal and he's with a hot dancer who's a third of his age. The expanded universe just doesn't understand the characters.

  6. I think we are on fairly similar pages, you and I. I didn't care much for the marriage of Han and Leia, or the twins. I don't believe they were in either Dark Empire or Heir to the Empire, which is why I cited those two works, which to me were the closest in flavor and pitch to Lucas-inspired works. They did not stray all that far from the characterizations. Some...but not far.

    But I only liked some of the elements, like the cloning of the Emperor, which I thought was very interesting, and Luke's flirtation with the Dark Side, in Dark Empire. I also loved the way the Empire's resurfacing was handled in Heir to the Empire. Timothy Zahn made it very plausible from a military standpoint, but that was written before the prequels, before the 2-Sith rule.

    So when Grand Admiral Thrawn, the mastermind behind the new Empire, needed a Dark Jedi for his plans to succeed, he went and found the only one he could, but he was half-insane, I think his name was C'Both or something. One of the best elements of those books too was a beast that the Admiral kept with him, a creature by his side at all times that blocked the Force, thereby letting him use this Dark Jedi as he saw fit but the Dark Jedi could not use the Force on him, can't remember what the creature was called.

    Anyway, I agree, most of the Expanded Universe is shit. Those were about the only two things I liked.

    But I say, put a stop to the Expanded Speculation once and for all, Georgie Boy, and give us the REAL DEAL with the characters you originally created. Stop flicking the tip and PUT IT IN. Fuckin' tease.

  7. Neither do I! Let's stop this immediately.


    I don't actually think it's even a rule! I think that's uptight fanboys taking shit super literally. When I watched Episode One I never saw that as Yoda literally saying that there could only ever be two Sith in the universe. Wasn't it an expanded universe novelist or some shit that made that a factual tenant?

    Because I thought Yoda was basically saying:
    "Hey everybody just chill. Just because you cut that dude in half that doesn't mean it's time for an ewok celebration. If that guy was there, then rest assured another one isn't too far behind because some bastard had to have trained him. These guys don't work solo. If there's one, there's two. This is the tip of the iceberg."

  8. Yeah, I'm done also.

    I agree and disagree...he was saying there are always at LEAST two, I think. But then again I don't always understand Yoda. YODA, he is.

    But didn't Palpatine, in his tale of Darth Plagus, say something about it? I can't remember.

    It doesn't matter anyway. In some ways, it kind of makes SOME sense. The more evil bad guys you have in a group, the more potential for them fighting amongst themselves.

    There is a balance and an order to that line of thinking. And a certain sense of political terror to that message, that one or two people really can grab a nation, or a galaxy far, far away, by the balls and squeeze, something that I think GL was saying as part of the message.

    One of the things that I loved the most about any of the prequels, and that last film in particular, was that scene. Nobody gives Ian McDiarmid nearly enough acting chops for his run at that character. He takes such immense pleasure in his evil, and when he talks about killing his master, there is a joy to it that is in his face that is so subtle, and then the glee when he is fighting Windu, the whole idea of using dark emotions, anger and shit, to channel power, really does find expression in his character.

    OK, how about The Emperor Palpatine Show? I'd watch that.