Tuesday, August 16, 2011

P-Tone riffs on the fresh jam from Jay n Weezy, namsayin?

TRANSLATION:  Ghostface Killah reviews 'Watch The Throne', the new collaboration between Jay-Z & Kanye West.

It is unclear how much the eagle contributed to the review
I bought the record the other day, listened to it a few times, enjoyed it, etc. But as I am not a player of the GAME (and admittedly not a massive rap/hip hop fan), I'm not overly qualified to review it and do it justice.

Enter Ghostface Killah, aka Dennis Coles, aka that guy from The Wu Tang Clan. He knows his shit (or, 'his shizzle my nizzle' as I believe it is said).

I think the first thing Mr Killah needs to be commended on is his ability to sound like he dislikes the entire album, while (spoilers) actually not minding it at all.

In regards to 'Lift Off (ft Beyonce)' he says 'This shit sounds like the anthem the fairies in Ferngully would use to go to war against evil humans to or some shit b. This shit is like Shia LeBeouf in song form yo. Lissenin to this shit is like havin ya ears penetrated by a million microscopic dicks namsayin. Shit sounds like niggas doin aerobics on a magical cloud of daisies. How many meadows did Kanye cartwheel across before he decided to make this beat?'

'Who Gon Stop Me' fares quite a bit better: 'By the middle it sounds like niggas is drivin Lamborghinis around in the studio n drums is hittin like automatic weapons. I love this track son.'

But by far and away my favourite review is of 'Made In America (ft Frank Ocean)'. It is simply such genius that I'm unable to pick out a quote, and have to gift you the entire thing.

'First of all son....Lionel Richie called from 1986 n said he wants his song back yo. Word. Sade jus holla'd on twitter to say this shit is soft as fuck namsayin. I think Elton John wants to conceive babies to this joint b. Drake said he gon soak in his lotion pool to this shit rite here for like a week son. I think Wiz Khagina is scissorin wit Amber Rose to this shit rite now as we speak yo. I heard this shit gon be used for the next Gwyneth Paltrow movie too. I dont kno how the same nigga that did Who Gon Stop Me had anything to do wit this shit but apparently he did nahmean. This shit sounds like two niggas hang glidin over the ocean together at sunset holdin hands son. I think this is bout to be on Yung Berg's yoga playlist. I cant fuck wit this shit at all b. This shit is like audio lesbian comin out my speakers son.'

To check out the full track-by-track review, head on over to Ghostface Killah's blog, Big Ghost Chronicles


  1. I love his blog and twitter! Source of many laffs for me.

  2. Needs more similes and metaphors namsayin?