Thursday, August 18, 2011

Incoming Toys! New Huck Gee Gold-Life Dunny and Star Wars Pop Series 2!

I'm obsessed with Kid Robot's Dunnys - blind-boxed, vinyl rabbits that some of the world's leading designers have drawn all over. I'm an amassing a modest collection and recently received an entire case of the truly excellent 2011 Series - which in my ill-educated opinion is by far their finest yet. 

I've been anxious that I'd have to wait another whole year to see what they follow it up with, but luckily there's plenty to keep us occupied in the meantime. Kid Robot have just announced a series of Gold-Life Dunnys by artist Huck Gee (he designed the zombie in the 2011 series) and they look amazing:

More Dunnys after the jump! Plus a second wave of Funko's beady-eyed Star Wars Pop bobbleheads!

I'm always thrilled when unique accessories a created for a Dunny run ("dunny run" has a hugely different connotation here in Australia) and they've gone all out with these ones. Check out the weapons, hats, and sculpted armour!

And also recently revealed is Funko's Star Wars Pop bobbleheads. For the most part, I dislike bobbleheads intensely but these guys are so adorable with their fluid-engorged evil-raven-eyed heads that I'll give them a free pass. I already own the Leia, Chewbacca and Greedo from series one, but check out what series two has to offer:

That Gamorrean Guard is the clear winner for me as there'll always be room on my desk for a pissed-off green pig. And it's (possibly) worth noting that Darth Maul is the first prequel trilogy character they've had a stab at (why does he have hypnotized/dazed eyes when everyone else's are pitch black cruel crow eyes?). So there's still plenty of worthwhile characters left for a series 3 - 130.

I vote for future waves to include: Ackbar, Bossk, a Jawa, and Dengar (I'm upgrading my work-in-progress fan fiction origin story to include: Got liquored up, slipped on his own vomit -damn loafers!- cracked his head on the toilet bowl and, while lying in his own blood and vomit, patched up his head with the nearby roll of toilet paper) (Thanks, Ive, for some help with that one). And can you imagine an ewok in this style? It would be like a kitten in a party hat punched you in the eye!

SourceToys R Evil.


  1. All of those Dunnys must come and live with me. I will do wonderful/horrible things with them.

  2. Yeah, I'm getting tempted to buy a case. God knows where I'll put them though. But it would mean trades!