Sunday, August 14, 2011

Transformers: Classics. Cybertron's finest warriors....

 Back in the fall of 2006, in order to appease long time fans such as myself, Hasbro released a line of action figures called Transformers: Classics. Knowing that the entire design aesthetic for Transformers toys was about to change due to the upcoming Michael Bay movie, they wanted to give us one more taste of the characters we'd known and loved since 1984. These few figures were designed with the idea "What if the original Transformers figures were released today with modern technology?"  The end result?  A line of Transformers figures that fans have waited for since first hearing of the planet Cybertron.

The Autobots patrol the living room floor in constant vigilance against the evil Decepticons
The Transformers: Classics line ostensibly ended in 2007. However, it proved popular enough that their style of "reimagined" G1 figures endured both here in North America and in Japan.  Classics (or Henkei in Japan) made way for Universe and then Generations and Reveal the Shield lines. Each of these lines added to the cast of G1 re-imagined figures started back in 2006.  Now, in 2011, we have a deluge of main characters. Even third party fan companies have gotten into the mix, making accessories and even entire figures themselves to fill the gaps of toys Hasbro is either unwilling or unable to produce.  

Megatron enjoys a refreshing Energon Cube while chatting with Grimlock.  Presumably to bitch about Prime.
In the upcoming weeks, I'll be taking a closer look at some of these modern figures alongside their original G1 toys (whenever possible). I find them fascinating not just from a character stand-point, but also from a historic perspective. Examining the modern toys really allows us to see how things have changed in the last 28 years, since the original Transformers toys hit toy shelves in North America.  Don't mind me, I'm a little obsessed...

The cast of the '86 Movie!  When all your favourites are dead, these few carry on...
So anyway, if anyone has a specific toy or character they would like to see more of, please let me know, here or via Facebook or Twitter, and odds are I have it to show. Otherwise starting soon I'll pick characters more or less at random and show 'em off. Until next time, Autobots!  Transform and roll out!!


  1. Probably my favorite update still to this day is, Henkei Hound. I don't have the G1 figure, but Classics Hound looks as though he stepped out of my 80's childhood toy chest! Such a beautiful toy!

    The real test is, when showing someone, they mistake it for the 80's toy.

    I do prefer the Henkei version but either comparison is fine.

  2. Yeah I like Henkei Hound a lot too. Ravage is a great touch. Sadly I only have the Universe version right now, which is still quite nice, although more cartoony in appearance. I do have g1 hound though so can a comparison be far behind???