Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bootleg Buddha Fett!

Since my first purchase from Suckadelic I've been pretty fascinated by designer bootleg toys. I am enchanted by the idea of rogue artists mashing together existing things into brazen Frankenstein creations that reinterpret all the things we love. I had plenty of mainstream toys as a kid but had a real affinity for those obscure oddball  figures you'd occasionally stumble across at the back of some store - creatures that were presented with no name or explanation and allowed your own imagination to fill in all the blanks. I would love to make my own toys! I need to learn how to make a mold and cast in resin or something.

Killer Bootlegs don't have an online store as yet but I was charmed by their recent misappropriation Buddha Fett, which they've cast in a variety of colours:

And if you go to their facebook page you'll see a lot of other equally outlandish experiments:

That's Beastman's head in the spacesuit there and I would totally buy that Wookiewok!


  1. That beastman space guy looks like its made of beef jerky. Buddha Fett is amazing though.

  2. Buddha Fett looks like he's made of jello. He needs some strawberries and cool whip!