Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transformers Classics: Autobot Hound!

Not wanting to disappoint my fan, I figured I'd better put up a picture review of everyone's favourite Autobot scout/tracker, Hound. As promised, here's a few comparison shots of the original G1 toy, released in 1984, and the Transformers: Universe (the second incarnation of Classics) toy released in 2008. As a bonus, we also get a comparison of G1 Ravage and Transformers: Universe Ravage, since he was an accessory with Hound for the 2008 release!


Hound has always been one of my favourite characters. He is one of the Autobots most in love with the planet Earth and most curious about everything that nature has to offer. In the original Transformers pilot cartoon, Hound was the friendliest Autobot and the most accepting of humans, quickly becoming buddies with Spike and Sparkplug. For some reason, after the intial pilot shows the writers sort of replaced him with Bumblebee. Perhaps because his toy was cheaper. I always felt Hound got cheated, as he almost had main character status. Poor Hound. It's hard out there for a 'bot.

I've had Hound's G1 toy since 1984. As you can see, he's in pretty rough shape nowadays. Still, I love him. I actually bought him before ever seeing any Transformers in media, knowing nothing except what the back of the box told me. My reason? He came with a bunch of cool accessories (two cannons, missile launcher w/missiles, spare tire and gas can!) I've always been a sucker for a lot of accessories.

The Universe version of Hound came with a non-firing missile launcher and of course, Ravage. The chrome rifle was not included. It came with the Fansproject trailer for Prime that I suspect we'll talk about later on.

I love both the toys. The old one makes an excellent jeep and a pretty interesting robot (albeit one without much in the way of arms). The modern version makes an adequate jeep-like vehicle, but is so spot on to the cartoon/comic version of Hound in robot mode that it just makes me smile to see it. He's also got some very decent articulation and a transformation that I find pretty inventive (his thighs turn into bucket seats! I wish MY thighs turned into bucket seats!).

The included Ravage figure is also cool. Pretty faithful to the G1 version but able to stand a lot more stably due to his legs not being squished together. He can also use the original missile pods from the G1 toy, to add to that classic feel. Although he still turns into a mini-cassette (do kids even know what those are?) he does it in such a different and interesting way that I tend to display him more than the original, who's more or less taken up residence permanently in Soundwave's chest.


don't think I have to sell this toy too much. Check out the pics and go find him on ebay! If you are interested in Hound, keep in mind that there's also a Japanese Henkei version of the modern toy available with the more realistic, less cartoon accurate colour scheme of the original G1 toy. I don't have him but he looks awesome. So in conclusion, Hound rocks and should be getting all that sweet Movie money that is sadly going to Bumblebee these days. At least he finally got a kick-ass toy.

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