Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly Re-Crap - Week ending August 14th

It's the end of our first full week here (and already the future on the other side of the planet), which means that it's time to post our first (insert booming news announcer voice) WEEKLY RE-CRAP.

Click through the jump for a one-stop shop of all of our posts. Grouped in general categories for easy clickin'!

As you may have noticed, we had a few new contributors come in throughout the week. We've rounded out our Dirty Baker's Dozen (credit: Luke Milton) and we're starting to see a huge variety of topics. Thanks to everyone that has chimed in, whether it's in the comments or twitter, or in person. We really appreciate it! 

Here are the posts from the past week, broken down into generic categories. Many fit into more than one, but I kept it simple here. 

Our Week of Reading!
Kickin' It Old School

Transformers: Classics. Cybertron's finest warrio...
Bootleg Buddha Fett!
Clogging Up the Servers 2: Hot Toys SDCC Batman Pr...

And Everything Else:

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