Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fancypants Horses look far more ladylike than I do

It's only a little post, because sadly this photographic collection by Julien Wolkenstein only consisted of three photos. Which KILLS ME. But I suppose after four hours of hairstyling which gets undone the minute a pony decides they feel the need to shake it out, and day-long shoots for each horse-  fair enough. I probably would have drawn the line at three too.

Meet Harmony the Rastafarian Arabian.

And Misty the pretty pretty princess horse. She's kind of grinning. What a PRETTY PONY.

And Florence with the exceedingly fancy Bettie Page fringe. I an very jealous of this horses hair. And the pony-loving part of me is noticing how expensive this horse looks. Racehourse-breeder? Who knows. I want a backstory on these ponies. And behind the scenes shots. How great would that be?!? Mostly a montage of the hairstylist sobbing uncontrollably as the horse chews on their hair extensions, I imagine.


  1. These photos are amazing, but I find excessive affection directed at horses to be very very weird.

    Adopt a kid or something, give them all your love and attention.

  2. FOAL, Campbell. They're called "foals".

  3. I've spent a lot of time with horses - more than I strictly should, I guess. They're certainly got unique personalities and I'll happily admit to being a "horsey" person. Who spends most of my time thinking angry things about small children.

    Yeah, I'll go with the horsies.