Monday, August 15, 2011

The Results are in for the 1st Lego Challenge!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, the time is upon us for the revealing of the Lego competition submissions. It has been decreed that all parties involved (Luke and J) were not to be trusted with this task, and that a third party needed to intervene.

So without further ado, It is time.

Results after the Jump

Up first is Luke Milton's entries. I had written something clever here to begin with, but then Luke emailed me with his own words of wisdom to include...

"I'm  a pretty loose and casual guy. There's a lot that I can have a laugh at: poverty, crime, natural disasters, human rights violations. But one thing I do take deadly seriously in Lego. I am in this competition not just to win, but to crush and humiliate. 

After carefully studying a range of "non-Star Wars movie spaceships" I settled on the ghost-filled , bat-shit insane spaceship The Event Horizon from Event Horizon. It was either that or the giant Eddie Murphy spaceship from Meet Dave. This was the first time I've built something like this in a very long time and it was not without its challenges (especially the fact that there is a sphere on the back, but I have created a crude facsimile). I'm pleased enough to have re-created the basic shape though, and I sincerely hope J's women weep tonight."

and now, for the final piece....

J has taken a less intimidating approach, but equally as awesome. He's....well...He's gone to plaid.

And its crew

Now, if you don't know what this is, then you should probably just leave now. But, if you refuse to leave, then you will need to know that this is the Winnebago from Spaceballs.

At this point in time, J has not shared anything witty to say in regards to how he will destroy Luke with a wink. Or something. Honestly I will probably make something up for him to say if he doesn't email me something in the next couple hours of so, so stay tuned to see what I say!
EDIT: By J. Tagmire. "Luke wanted the theme to be space-related. I made it Non-Star Wars Space Movie, to prevent us from just simply using our existing Star Wars sets, and to encourage some creativity. But I didn't realize that I don't know that many non-Star Wars space movies. I thought about Mars Attacks and Plan 9 From Outer Space, but ultimately settled on the least non-Star Wars space movie of all. I also tried really hard to incorporate minifigs. Hope you guys like it, and I hope you hate Luke's."
Well, thats it. Now it is your job to spread the word and comment as to who is the clear winner. You must do what you must to make sure there is only one winner. Let the world know who you love more.


  1. Oh! Well played, sir! Well played!

  2. Thanks Luke. Nice work! This was a lot of fun.

  3. The Event Horizon scared the absolute shit out of me so my vote goes to J too.

    I get vote, right?

  4. J - it's pretty dirty tactics fighting my shock and awe with crowd-pleasing whimsy and nostalgia. ESPECIALLY when you know full well that my schtick is alienating my audience.

  5. seeRsew you get to vote. And you rule too!

    Luke, I don't mess around when it comes to Lego! I will fight as dirty as needed.

    I also thought there was a strong possibility that you were creating the exact same ship.

  6. Whoah, did you make those face molds? They look amazing! Is that cheating or within the rules? Either way, I'm afraid I have to vote for J.

  7. Thanks Jessica! I didn't make the face molds. I spent like 2 hours going through my minifigs trying to find the best combination of parts for these characters. Barf was the hardest and still isn't what I was hoping for, but I don't really know of many Lego ears.

  8. poor Luke. I vote for Luke cause it looks like his was harder to make, even though, yes, J.'s looks like lots more fun :p

  9. I wish there was better detail of the back of Luke's as that looks like the best bit!

    You both did great, I was always terrible at going 'off-model' with Lego.

    I'm afraid I also vote for J's. My mind says no, but my heart says yes.

    The only two better possible choices would have been the Satellite of Love (which would have been very difficult to make look good) or the Swine Trek.