Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Felicia Day plus Dragon Age Equals Tron for Girls.

What would happen if geek poster girl Felicia Day was sucked into a fantasy role-playing videogame? Would we be sucked in too? Or would it just suck? Is Felicia Day's appearance in Dragon Age 2 kind of like Tron for girls? And is her chest as hairy as Jeff Bridges? None of these questions will be answered in the following trailer for Dragon Age Redemption, which showcases clips from the upcoming live-action web series, as well as a few shots at the end from the future DLC where you get to play as (or alongside?) a virtual Felicia Day!

If you listened to our first Fruitless Pursuitscast then you may have already heard some angst from one of our contributors about mixing Felicia Day all up in our Dragon Age. I enjoy her as a personality, and like her comedy, but sorry, Felicia, I just don't buy you as a serious action hero - especially after suffering through the interminable and awkward Red: Werewolf Hunter. This looks to be more of a LARP with doods in the woods than Game of Thrones. But I've been wrong before. In 1993.

What do you guys think?

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