Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top Model Hosts' Sci-Fi Similarities.

In the most recent Fruitless Pursuitscast we had a hearty discussion about the vast differences, both in tone and character, between America's Next Top Model and Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. One similarity that stood out, however, was that the two hosts: Tyra Banks and (Australian) Elle McPherson, both seemed to be rapidly morphing into rival science fiction characters! Now, I wouldn't make such wild, unsubstantiated claims without providing some proof, so I've whipped up these recent pictures of the two hosts contrasted against the science fiction counterparts. Something's going on here! You tell me!

Tyra Banks host of America's Next Top Model:

Elle McPherson, host of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model:

Mind-boggling, right?


  1. also it doesn't really come across in the images, but Elle really is about eleventybillion meters tall. As is Chewie, obviously. CONSPIRACY.