Friday, October 7, 2011

The Most Depressing Thing You'll See Today: Zack Morris' Giant Cell Phone

Riddle me this, Dear Reader. What is more depressing? Seeing the evolution of Zack Morris' giant clunky cell phone from Saved by the Bell and feeling old, ridiculous and embarrassed for your youth, OR watching Zack actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar evolve from cutesy kid to lumbering awkward teen? Both will have you thinking about your fragile mortality and both are clearly on show in the following montage:

Still not depressed enough? Watch it again while remembering that Jar-Jar-Binksing nerd idiot Screech actor Dustin Diamond went on to star in a creepy sex tape. And you thought that George Lucas raped your childhood? Well, compared to this guy, he merely watched from the bushes!


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