Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NBC Takes First Blood

The first of the many terrible series that debuted this season has been canceled - NBC's attempted Mad Men clone, but on a network that won't show boobs, The Playboy Club has got the axe, only three episodes in.

From most reports, a mercy killing, though our own Jacinta enjoyed the pilot well enough.

Meanwhile, NBC also ordered full seasons uncharacteristically early (perhaps to balance the fact that new NBC president, Bob Greenblatt, has committed to giving shows a chance to find their feet, and then canceled a show after only three episodes) of two of their new sitcoms.

Whitney, the most boring, generic and old fashioned sitcom, in what has become a golden time for sitcoms. A laugh-tracked, unfunny, tired string of vagina jokes. We struggled to get halfway through the pilot. I wondered how a show like this gets made, and then my wife reminded me how popular Two and a Half Men still was.

And, more agreeably, Up All Night, the show that makes you say - 'Thank goodness Will Arnett is in something good again.' Actually, this show (also only three episodes in) is already finding its feet. It's one of my favourite new shows of this season so far.

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  1. Up All Night would be awesome even without the baby, and that's saying something.