Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rocktober mixtape: Grug

Here's my Rocktober Mixtape! I went with a silly theme (I went with songs with animals in the titles) - I needed something to whittle down the bands I would want to include. Even still, I went a little on the long side. But it's all fun stuff! Give it a listen! Let me know what you think!

1. The Mighty Sparrow - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
2. Roadrunner - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
3. Skylark - Arrah And The Ferns
4. Three Legged Dog - Harlem
5. Steak For Chicken - The Moldy Peaches
6. All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts - The Cave Singers
7. Song For The Orca - Travis Morrison
8. The Lord God Bird - Sufjan Stevens
9. Sic of Elephants - Andrew Bird
10. The Lion & the Teacup - Bishop Allen
11. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off - Magnetic Fields
12. Birth Of Serpents - The Mountain Goats
13. The Sparrow And The Medicine - The Tallest Man On Earth
14. Dead Dog Song - Okkervil River
15. Jenny & The Ess-Dog - Stephen Malkmus
16. Whale In The Sand - The Brunettes
17. The Owls Go - Architecture In Helsinki
18. A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under - Why?
19. Until The Lion Learns To Speak [Explicit] - Knaan
20. The Littlest Birds - The Be Good Tanyas
21. Warm Panda Cola - The Boy Least Likely To
22. In the Belly of a Whale - Danny Michel

Did I miss any great songs with animals in the title? Yes - I had to narrow this list down from, like, 80 songs! Post your favourites in the comments!

Jacinta's mixtape of Guilty Pleasures is here, and keep an eye on the site for more mixtapes throughout Rocktober, right here at Fruitless Pursuits!


  1. I haven't made it to the hidden track yet, but it better be "Who Let The Dogs Out".

  2. Well played with the hidden track!