Sunday, October 2, 2011

Replica Gears of War Lancer Made Entirely Out of Lego Makes You Feel Useless.

There's no shortage of astounding and time-consuming creative endeavours being showcased on the Internet, but every so often one will come along and make me pause. When I saw this one, my jaw left a dent in the floor. We've already seen the commercially available life-size lancer replica rifle from gruff,  boombox-titty game Gears of War, but this guy's gone a step further and built his own custom version completely out of Lego!

So think about what you've accomplished in the last couple of months and shudder in impotent shame and insignificance when the following video makes all of your creations look like poorly painted macaroni necklaces. You are a mere child in this video's presence and have been selfishly taking up precious potential building space.

And if you're thinking, "How can this Lego lancer video possibly hold my attention for eight minutes" then wait until he starts taking it apart to show you the intricate mechanisms inside! I actually fainted:

As a side note, I never did buy that replica lancer because you had to special order, and I could only justify such a ludicrous purchase if it was an idiot impulse buy. But I must admit I asked about it. Has anyone got one?


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