Thursday, October 6, 2011

Amazing Custom Lego Minifigures on Flickr

Every few months, I end up on flickr browsing custom Lego minifigures. And each time I am amazed by the possibilities that people have came up with. If you search you'll find custom characters from almost every popular Film/TV/Comic/etc franchise. Some figures are made up of existing Lego parts, and others have custom molded accessories, stickers, or even hand painted pieces. It's all very awesome and inspiring.

Here's a batch of the goodies. Lego, if you're reading... take note.

by tomleech

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by miniBIGS

by chris glenn

by levork
by Bart Willen
by levork

by yo3l
by steelwoolghandi

by chaosfish1

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  1. The Watchmen set is amazing, I would swear that came out of the factory. People are awesome, sometimes!