Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Superman's Dad Russell Crowe is a Super Bogan.

As an Australian I couldn't possibly be any prouder. Russell Crowe (okay, technically he was born in New Zealand but we'll claim him when he's being awesome and reject him when he's throwing mobile phones at people) (unless of course he is throwing them at robbers, ghosts, or Nazis) is playing Jor-El, Superman's dad in Zack Synder's upcoming Man of Steel and Aint It Cool News has some early shots of him in costume...

I absolutely love that Russ isn't going to a let a poncey cape and dress stop him from being a filthy-haired, scruffy-bearded, chain-smoking, presumably heavy-drinking, Australian icon. I'm trusting that what we're seeing here is actually a victorious post-coital cigarette to celebrate the super sperm that seeded Kal-El.

 I love Rusty's look here, but I can't say that I blame the other Kryptonian scientists for not believing him when he burst into their Krypton Science Meeting, with a flagon of lager, and a cig in his gob, shouting, "Oi! Listen up, youse blokes! Krypton is fucked!"

Cheers, Russ! You're a bloody legend!

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  1. That suit completely looks like Odin's suit in Thor. Designers got to ease up on the valhalla shiz.