Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now I'm Prune Tracy! Take that Dick F- !

The Library of American Comics blog is running a competition from 63 years ago.

Back then, Dick Tracy was a huge success. Drawing many readers and spawning many imitators, so the Chicago Tribune's publisher, Col Robert R. McCormick, had Chester Gould (creator of Dick Tracy) to create a mystery in comic form called 'The Black Bag Mystery' and offered $25,000 in prizes.

There were 36 strips in the series (and printed in full colour, a rarity for a daily comic - normally just the Sunday strips are in colour).

It was a hugely successful promotion, so the syndicate wanted to duplicate it in other newspapers and never released the solution!

So the Library of American Comics is running the strips daily on their blog, and challenging people to come up with their own solutions!

Check it out - who do YOU think done it?

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