Tuesday, October 4, 2011

John Kricfalusi Pwns Simpsons Couch Gag!

Twisted genius, master animator, and creator of Ren and Stimpy, John Kricfalusi, just got to remind everybody how insanely awesome he is by animating the latest couch gag on The Simpsons. And The Simpsons people showed how awesome they are by letting him. And if you're feeling left out, then you can prove how awesome you are by watching it right here, thanks to an awesome youtube uploader that I was awesome enough to link to...

Wow! Marge is like four soccer balls in a tube dress!

Can I please, please, please urge you to check out John Kricfalusi's blog? He knows more about animation than you or I know about wasting time on the Internet, and his blog is a cartoon cornucopia of animation discussion, history and instruction, as well as a virtual museum of rare pop culture treasures. If the above animation isn't enough to remind you, John K is a living legend who is more than deserving of our complete respect and admiration. Let's all think really hard about hugging him in the hopes that he suddenly and inexplicably feels really weird.


  1. I feel like John K's style (as much as I love and respect him and his work) is veering towards the unwatchable. I could even imagine trying to watch a full cartoon animated like that.

    There was an interview with him on Cartoon Brew where he was saying this is his new thing - not the old style of funny, held extremes, but constant 'funny' motion.

    I dunno, I think his work has become ugly.

  2. He only had 30seconds to do something so he wanted to jam pack it with insanity. He said (In the comments on his blog) that if he was to do a longer piece the pacing would be different.

    He's also animating with some new software (toonboom Harmony) which is quite fun to draw in. Unlike flash (which he was using before) that can take you up to and sometimes even over hour drawing one nice clean professional quality frame. (Sometimes that drawing is even done in illustrator, convoluting the process even more) and then brought into flash so you really hit the poses hard and you really limit the amount of drawings you use. So to be liberated from that way of working and being allowed to draw a lot again probably caused this.

    I hope someone gives him money for his Hehog movie.

    (hope that link works)

  3. But even just his drawings have become harder to read. More... ugly.