Monday, June 25, 2012

Interview: Natalia Tena! Game of Thrones and Molotov Jukebox!

I first saw Natalia Tena in her role as Nymphadora Tonks, the effervescent werewolf-shagging wizard with more hair colour changes than Ramona Flowers. Her appearances in the character-packed Harry Potter films are all too brief, but she manages to exude a focus and an energy that demands your attention. And it’s those same qualities and intensity that lured me to her character Osha in Game of Thrones (or to give it its full, official title: F**k Yeah Game of Thrones!), the fiery and enigmatic wilding woman who has traversed the line from attacker to protector.

But we’re really just scratching the surface. Those are the projects that you already know about, but there is far more to Nat than that. For example, did you already know about Nat’s incredible musical talents with her band Molotov Jukebox? I had the wonderful opportunity to chat to her thanks to the fine folk at this past weekend’s Supanova Pop Culture Expo and found out everything first-hand!

Click the audio player below the image to listen!

Image: Jacinta Mathews.
I wish we’d had video running because Nat has an endless supply of energy and her reactions were wildly animated. When we talked she was also wearing a lurid Back to the Future II Marty McFly colour-changing future cap that really helped set the mood. (We later spotted Nat and Alfie “Theon” Allen trying on large furry animal tails at a store. I'm hoping that these will be featured prominently in Series Three. "Did you pay the iron price for that fox tail?"). Thank you so much, Nat, for giving us your time! 

But let’s not stop there. Join me after the jump where we have more images and you can listen to Molotov Jukebox for yourself!

I really was genuinely blown away by Nat's music. Here's a small taste...


There is plenty more variety at the Molotov Jukebox site so if you're a late adopter like me, be sure to check out their range!

We also checked out Nat's Q and A panel where she answered many questions about both Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, including a call for more male nudity! (It's all about balance, right? Maybe they will rename book three: A Storm of Porkswords).

Image: Jacinta Mathews
And, of course, I had to go and have my photo taken with Nat. If you haven't guessed already I was incredibly nervous! I am such a stupid baby. One day I'm going to be all, "HEY YOU, CELEBRITIES! I AM SUPER CONFIDENT AND AWESOME! NOW ANSWER MY QUESTIONS WHILE I THROW DEVIL SIGNS AT THE CAMERA!" It all looks super serious considering how friendly she is.

This is a photo of a photo. Sorry Roy!
And that was our time with Natalia Tena! Thanks again to Nat and Supanova and continue to support her wild and wonderful work!

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