Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Lego Batman 2 Exclusive Lex Luthor Minifig!

It may be a little while before time allows a full review of the freshly released Lego Batman 2 but I do have the exclusive Lex Luthor minifig in hand. He’s a bald, badass with a boner for busting the balls of Batman and a smooth-talking socialite with a surefire scheme for shooting the shit out of Superman. Is he worth procuring for your collection?

Join me after the jump and I will show you the merchandise...

First of all, that’s a pretty big bag for a single minifig, right? Did you see that thing? It could suffocate a pony. Which is why I disposed of it safely. Away from ponies.

Here, in Australia, Lex was available if you pre-ordered Lego Batman 2 from EB Games. Although he’s “free” you may end up paying a premium for him because EB is a little more expensive than other stores. Unless you can get them to price match and still honour your exclusive. You also get a code to unlock five villain characters in game, C-listers: Black Adam, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta and Bizarro.

Okay, back to Lex...

Design-wise, it doesn’t get more bland than a bald minifig. Poor Lex lives with the daily humiliation of having no nose, no ears, and a branded knob on the top. So faced with those limitations, Lex has to balance out his baldness by dressing like a pimp! And in that regard, Lex is king!

I really like the details on his chest - it’s a nice touch, especially considering that they’ll be covered up by his main outer armour here:

This is the same armour mold that we got with the space marine figure from Minifigs series seven. But pimped Lex shows just how customisable that armour actually is by having a green jewel/light on the back and a pair of rocket thrusters. Which is really great but I forgot to photograph it!

Of course, he’s not complete without his main accessory, the disruptor gun which appears to be 100% accurate to the model in the game. It has a green kryptonite crystal at the back of it to power it.

I’m kind of intrigued by the green disc on the front. I’m not sure I’ve seen that part before and I don’t know what else it can be used for, so if you’ve seen it in a set let me know, and I promise to imagine high-fiving you.

Also included are three black blocks, which were a mystery to me until I started playing the game.

You see (spoilers?) it seems that Lex wants Joker’s help to take down Superman, and much of this plan hinges on his kryptonite powered disruptor gun which can also destroy/move/disrupt unbreakable black Lego bricks. And who has a lot of “toys” made out of unbreakable black bricks? Batman! That’s who! That’s the answer to that question! So they may as well make him miserable as well.

It’s all a bit worrying to me. A skinhead villain who invents a gun that destroys black things? Not cool, Lego. Not cool. 

But still, it’s actually a very cool looking figure once you put it all together and I absolutely would recommend picking him up if you have the chance to when/if you get the game.

And some quick thoughts on the game itself? I’m only a couple of levels in and have just had my first glance of Superman, but it has a lot of promise - providing, of course, you’re a fan of Lego games in general. The opening stuff is quite standard fare, but the addition of voice acting adds a lot to the humour and story, and you soon begin to realise that the scale and scope of some of these levels is far grander than what we have seen in the past. But we’ve done the Batman thing before, what I’m really looking forward to now is playing other members of the Justice League and once I’ve had that experience I can give you a better idea of what I think.

But so far so good. And get yourself a Lex.


  1. 'Design-wise, it doesn’t get more bland than a bald minifig.'

    You might want to re-phrase that before I fly down there and kick your ass. ;)

    I think those codes will be DLC at some point, at least I hope so. One of the achievement depends on HAVING Gorilla Grodd.

  2. Oh and for the record, nothing gives you harder wood than flying through Gotham as Supes with the Superman theme playing. One can get LOST in that shit!

  3. where the heck can i get it i have been looking forever if someone knows where to get please tell me

  4. Super Man is the worst super hero ever.