Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Bounty: Glorious Bounty Sells Out at Supanova!

Grug and I are freshly back from the Supanova Pop Culture Expo debut of the well-received print version of Glorious Bounty Book Three: The Convoluted Killbots! A huge thank you to everyone who visited us and supported our books! We met and caught up with some very cool people. Meanwhile, you slowpokes online are still reading the end of the story page by laborious page! (Just a couple of pages to go!).

When we last left the Bounty crew, Bruce and Deevis had been returned to their reconstructed bodies and everything looked like it was going to be OK. Everything is going to be OK? Right?

Click to embiggen or read it on the official site.

But that’s not all this week! If you’d care to join me after the jump I’ll tell you about our Supanova experience, along with some photos and the announcement of the title for Book Four!

As I said, we had a great success with our Supanova stall with people not just purchasing the new book, but also a lot of new readers purchasing all three books so far. We are now completely sold out of the first printing of Book One: The Sexy Virus, with plans to reprint it in the near future. Notice how the title of this article is "Glorious Bounty Sells Out" as though we sold out of everything, but then you read the text and are disappointed to see that we sold out of just one book? That's called: "journalism".

We were even snapped at our stall! The following photos are by the incredibly awesome Sabrina Wong. Check out her gorgeous blog! Here is the stall itself:

And here's Grug and I. Note that Grug is difficult to see because he is hard at work and I am not.

So that's three print books complete, and for our online friends, there’s only two more pages left of the current story that you need to catch up on. We have a complete script and Grug is furiously thumbnailing the next one, which will be called: Glorious Bounty Book Four: Planet of the Lackluster Lizards!
Wait... which you probably already knew if you had a print copy of Book Two because it always names the next two books. Fair enough. Then I will also announce the title of Glorious Bounty Book Five: The Unfeasible Wedding. Not sure how exactly I’m going to write my way out of that one.

You can also buy print copies of Glorious Bounty online at our store.

Thanks again for your support! We’ll keep pumping them out if you keep occasionally reading!

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