Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interview: Noah Hathaway! From Neverending Story to Sushi Girl!

If you’re a child of the eighties then you probably best know actor Noah Hathaway for his role as fantasy ass-kicker Atreyu in The Neverending Story, the dark-maned boy hero who wasn’t afraid to shiv a wolf, and punch the void in the face to rescue a Princess. Good. Now forget every single thing that you think you know...

I am thrilled to report that the Noah Hathaway of 2012 is more kick-ass than ever! Covered in tattoos and brimming with power, Noah is a shot of adrenaline! I heard that he was starring in a very-soon-to-be-released gangster movie with Mark Hamill called Sushi Girl, which involves eating sushi off a naked woman. After watching the trailer I was desperate to talk to him about it!

Fortunately, thanks to an enthusiastic Noah and the team at Supanova, I got my chance! Be forewarned that the language is a little salty and extremely manly. Ladies, you might want to find something to fan yourself with while listening to this one.

Click the audio link below the picture to listen to our interview and hear about it all in Noah's own words!

Image: Jacinta Mathews.

I liked Noah instantly and we ended up chatting for a while after we stopped recording. Thank you so much for sharing this madness with us!

But we’re not going to stop there! Join me after the jump and we’ll watch the trailer for Sushi Girl together!

Behold the wonder of Sushi Girl!

And here's the trailer:

After watching this one huge question immediately springs to mind. Why the hell have I been using plates?!

Noah also hosted a panel where he answered questions from the crowd and covered more of his time on The Neverending Story.

Image: Jacinta Mathews.
My question, of course, would have been, “How many horses died?” but apparently the horse was fine. In fact, Artax was even offered to Noah, but due to circumstances beyond his control he had to decline. The horse went on to live a long and happy life with Atreyu’s stunt double. Hopefully he continued to wear the Atreyu costume so that the horse never cottoned on to the switch.

This was a real blast! Thanks again, Noah! Keep a keen eye out for the Sushi Girl release!

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