Saturday, June 30, 2012

Current Comics Rewrite: Let's Rewrite Before Watchmen Nite Owl #1!

Let's try this again! Not too long ago I did a satirical rewrite of a preview page of Darwyn Cooke's Minutemen #1 and it was shown on comics juggernaut Bleeding Cool. It drew the ire of many a comic fan in the Bleeding Cool forums who were quick to point out that it was the unfunniest thing ever in the history of everything. Naturally it was a huge shock to the system to discover that I'm not actually funny at all, but rather than be discouraged I've decided to get back on the laffo horse and try again.

But this time I have an ace up my sleeve because I've decided to use some of the actual hilarious comments from my detractors in my rewritten pages. I will learn comedy by carefully re-using their own clever quips! That's foolproof, right? This will be 100% funny because I am using their own funny words. That's just comedy science.

These are two preview pages from Nite Owl #1. The art is by Joe and Andy Kubert and I have rudely rewritten J. Michael Straczynski's text, without permission, for the purposes of parody and (foolproof) comedy. You can purchase the real Nite Owl #1 at Comixology for $3.99. Click to embiggen:


  1. Mongo muggins. - Well played sir.

  2. haha take that you 30 before watchmen fans

  3. Oh your very funny and most of the people on Bleeding Cool are retarded twats anyway, they think Before Watchmen is a good thing.