Friday, June 29, 2012

Pre-Order Bossk 1/6th Scale Figure!

Who's the Bossk?! Haha. Love that Tony Danza.

Look, normally I save these kind of updates for a weekly round-up of sorts, but I am such an unabashed Bossk fan that I will explode if I do not tell you about this straight away and with unbridled enthusiasm. I am going to shout about Bossk from the rooftops! Why?

Because Bossk is the kickass space lizard who was bounty hunter bros with Boba Fett! He wore a lemon jumpsuit and still looked totally pimp and he's been busting heads in the Clone Wars and earning our respect! I didn't even know this guy was being released, but here he is in all his 1/6th scale glory!

He has two heads. He has his more reserved grin that we see on the bridge in Empire Strikes Back, and he has his action-packed, "Everybody Roar Like A Dinoaur!" head pictured above. I think this guy is a must-have for Star Wars collectors (and the rest of the Bounty Hunter line is pretty great also). You can pre-order him right now from Sideshow for $159.99.

More images after the jump!

 Here you can see him with the rest of the gang:

He looks to be reasonably well articulated despite his wacky proportions:

And here's the more subdued head sculpt:

Who's the Bossk? YOU'RE the boss, Bossk! And we all think you're pretty great!

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