Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beer and Soup.

Australia is the land of the meathead, there's no two ways about it. As a result the biggest amount of money and effort goes into advertising for beer, football, meat, soup, stuff like that. Luckily for us (well, it's at least the silver lining) it means we end up with some ridiculous and awesome ads.

This ads pretty old now, but in my mind it was the point where beer ads went from moronic to moronic/funny. Australians will know it, but lets reminisce. Americans - watch and learn.

More liquid gold after the break -

Moving on from that a little is an ad which was banned for a little while, then came back, then was banned again - all that stuff. I personally think it's gold, if only for the guy opening the beer bottle on his forehead.

Also I enjoy the Australian vs Maori dynamic. Mostly because it's laughable. Seriously, who would you rather have beating you up, a bogan or a Maori? Cmon. There can't even be the pretence of anyone being as badarse as New Zealanders. They were the Orcs AND the Clone Army and they can do the Haka! Crazy, man, seriously.

This is a recent discovery for me - and oh I love it. Another Carlton Draft ad (they did the first clip) and rather special.

And ONE MORE BEER AD. This ones very recent and just gets better and better as the epic-level rises.

But in the interests of fairness, we are not just a land of alcoholics. We are a land of meat eating alcoholics. Observe:

It's the faux hair metal that does it for me. Also the Indian dude in an Elvis suit.


  1. Haha great post. Oddly enough we also have a lot of funny and patriotic Canadian beer ads here. Something about beer being part of the national identity...

    here's my favourite...

    You could not sing that song anywhere in Canada for YEARS without everyone joining in...probably still works...