Friday, August 26, 2011

Custom Muppet Dunnys! Plus a Classic Lion-EmO!

We've already pretty much established that we love Muppets and we love Kid Robot's Dunny figures. So if both of these things were to combine there would be such an immediate swelling of love in our collective rib-cage that a black-magic using Mola Ram-type gentleman would be required to tear our heart out of our chest before it explodes.

Well, such a thing has finally happened! Jared Cain (real name Nikejerk) has customised three unsuspecting Dunnys into the core members of legendary felt band The Electric Mayhem (minus Animal, but seriously, who gives a crap about him). Check it out:

I'm not afraid to mention that Janice's huge lips make me feel a little tingly.

I saw these via toycutter, who really have you covered in terms of showcasing custom figures. And Nikejerk also turned a Dunny into another character that's quite dear to me right now, but join me after the jump to see it, because if I clutter up the front page, the other contributors will beat me.

If you weren't aware, or were pretending not to be, I've been recapping the new episodes of Thundercats and watching a newer, brasher, dickier, emo Lion-O lead the cats to... uh... much aimless wandering. He lacks the loud-mouth heroic spunk of the classic grown-up Lion-O from the eighties, but then I guess you have to be pretty confident when you're a long-haired cat-man in your underpants.

Nikejerk pays homage to classic Lion-O with this custom Dunny that I quite admire:

If you enjoy Nikejerk's style as much as I do then you should probably go straight to the source and check out his Flickr account here.

And although it's not a Dunny, I'd be remiss not to draw your attention to this beautiful retro custom by Discogod:

After talking about Krang's crazy scheme to create a murderous robot turtle, my respect for the pink, squishy despot has sky-rocketed and I hope to analyse more of his plans in the future!

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  1. I think you need that sweet Animal costume that is so prominently featured at the bottom