Friday, August 26, 2011

New Avengers Art Reveals More Aimless Posing!

I'm assuming that in the coming year we will be crushed under a deluge of Avengers merchandise, including, according to Super Hero Hype, a collection of movie-tie in comics that will explain all the things you were dying to know, but weren't deemed worthy enough to show on the screen. You know, like: Who trims Iron Man's moustache? What does Captain America eat for breakfast? What happened that one time when Hulk fell asleep on the toilet?

Anyway, here is the new art that's being used to promote the collection to booksellers. Apparently this image wasn't set up - it's a candid pic, they just like to pose.

Seriously, can you imagine standing next to Thor in a family portrait, if he's going to set off his lightning right next to your ear? And as a fledgling photographer, god knows what that does to your lighting. Asshole!

Otherwise this is pretty cool, except... I don't want to pick on Thor again, but does he look tiny to you? He's about as big as Scarlett Johansson and he's further forward than she is! (She looks great by the way) (Just saying). And look at Hawk-Eye skulking in the background like a little halfling. Talk about "one of these things just doesn't belong here!" He looks like a leather-daddy! "We have a monster with super strength? Check. A thunder god? Check. Killer robot? Check. Super soldier? Check? How's our archery?"

This is cool though! Honest!


  1. Is that Corey Feldman as Hawkeye? I wish..

  2. Oh god, can you imagine! He'd be firing arrows im hottie's hearts!