Monday, August 22, 2011

Metal(ish) Mondays: E.T. and Yoda Metalwork Statues.

Over the weekend, we accidentally came across an arts and crafts fair just a few blocks from our house. I wasn't sure what to expect because the vendors are usually more of my mom's type of crafts than my style. I was pretty shocked when I turned a corner and saw this...

A massive metal Yoda! He was double life size and wearing a crazy slick jacket. 

I didn't expect to see anything like that at the fair. Here's a full image of the statue.

As I was ogling the Yoda, I heard my wife, Carolyn, hyper-ventilating. She was mouthing the letters E.T., but nothing was coming out. She's a pretty big E.T. fan, and has an even bigger collection of E.T. merchandise. Here's what took her breath away.

It was life-size. I have no clue how much they were asking for it, but I'm sure Carolyn would have tried to justify the purchase. She has E.T. dolls, action figures, pins, books, models, games, etc... She even has the ugliest crocheted thing I've ever seen. She says it's E.T. but I'm not so sure about it.

Behind the E.T. were all kinds of little railroad spike statues for various professions and hobbies. These were some of my favorites:

I looked around online and found out that these were made by Roland Metal Art. The railroad spike guys were very affordable (around 20-30 each) and I wish that I brought enough money to buy one. They have a huge selection on their website ( so my opportunity wasn't completely lost.

Check out this crazy group photo I found with mini Predator, and slick jacket Shrek!


  1. you'll never know what to find round the corner huh!
    I think ET was the one truly to the actual character.

  2. My wife thought the same thing. I almost had to carry that thing home.

  3. It was a gynacologist. Probably the last occupation that I ever expected to see there. So bizarre!