Friday, August 26, 2011

Thundercats Thunder-recaps Episode 6: Journey to the Tower of Omens!

Oh Thundercats 2011! What a rocky, tumultuous relationship we have! Sometimes I want to rub your orange fuzzy belly and sometimes I want to stuff you in a sack and drop you down a well. In a mere five episodes you've managed to kill a king, parley with pirates, prance with plant-people, sideline Tigra, and get nunchukked by Panthro. And Cheetara still isn't getting any. But I'm gonna' stick with you, brother! We've come this far.

Well this looks promising!
Last episodes, things in Kitty City were finally getting a little more exciting. Can Episode 6: Journey to the Tower of Omens continue to pump up the volume, or has Thundercats - much like my own cat - taken a shit where it's not supposed to? If Mumm-Ra finally wigs out like he does in that picture then I think I'm already sold!

Join me after the jump and we'll find out! (Spoilerz abound!)

Firstly, I love that the Thundercats work cat faces into the designs of all their vehicles. It makes me want to drive around in a car that has a human face, preferably my own face, built into the front. That way everybody would know it's my face and I could use my indicator lights to wink at the ladies.

Secondly, this episode IS about MUMM-RA, the hateful ever-living mummy with the diseased bandages who we can't help but love! If you don't like Mumm-Ra then I have nothing more to say to you. Good day, sir!

Okay, no one left now except us Mumm-Ra fans! High-five! And shit, Mumm-Ra has an elevator that looks like his own face! Now I want a chair that looks like my own face! So I can sit on my own face! Oh shit - and his face-elevator turns into a car and he rips it up across the desert!

Meanwhile though, the Thundercats are STILL wandering aimlessly around the woods and that dickish jerk Lion-O is trying in vain to get that whole "sight beyond sight" thing working with his sword. 

Cheetara finally gets her sexy on and slides up behind him and seductively says that if he can master "sight beyond sight then it will show him what his eyes can't see". I think she's talking about her tits, right? Is that what she's talking about? What else could she be talking about? Not that dumb Book of Omens, surely. You may think I'm reaching here but if you saw the look on her face and the way she's holding him here then you'd be just as convinced that she's talking about boobs. 

Sadly, Wilykit and Wilykat interrupt the duo with the cock-blocking prowess of C3-PO. When accused of doing something dirty, Lion-O defends himself with the double-entendre, "We were just trying to get my sword to work". Yeah! I'll bet!

The sword is upright! Lucky that 2011 Lion-O isn't wearing underpants.
Anyway, once again there's a few flashbacks here about Thundercats lore and the legendary Book of Omens, and Mumm-Ra's rise to power from filching precious thunder-artifacts. But I'm more impressed that Lion-O still seems to be macking on Cheetara as the episode progresses because I was seriously beginning to wonder about him. Of course this gives the shoved-aside Tigra even less to do except gripe about shit that has nothing to do with him. 

So they find what they think is the entrance to the temple and negotiate a ton of Indiana Jones style traps that Panthro keeps setting off like an idiot. The cats do get to show off their individual talents here though which is a plus, like Cheetara's super-speed. (I meant most of the cats, of course. Tigra clearly doesn't have any talents) (Oh no - wait! He flicks a hidden switch with a whip! Congrats, Tigra! Whip it good! You're about as useful as Devo).

Spike room is spiky.
Thankfully, Mumm-Ra soon busts up the scene and gets his fight on! He transforms into his hulking, semi-naked crazy form - now with huge Chernabog wings - and starts screaming like a maniac and vomiting purple lasers at everyone with his fetid evil mummy breath! 

Lion-O and Mumm-Ra finally have their first big throw down, and Mumm-Ra is kind of winning until he is blinded by a flipping Cheetara's cleavage (you may think I'm exaggerating but watch the sequence!), then she gets her ass beat and Mumm-Ra starts winning again as Lion-O tries to help her. Seriously, Mumm-Ra is all Emperor Palpatine force-lightning Lion-O while he squirms like a baby on the ground. He's finally bailed out by.... Jaga!? Whaaaa?! Who is now just a head a jar. Uh.... Best not to try and rationalise it.

Oh. And they find the book and are severely disappointed by it. Now you know how I felt about The Half-Blood Prince.

One of the better episodes for sure! Thundercats is getting good again!

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