Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OK Go and The Muppets!!!

You may have read about a new Muppet music album called "The Green Album", perhaps on this very site!  Well, get ready for the very first video off of this new album, OK Go's rendition of the Muppet Show Theme (YAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!)

Talk about getting things started! Awesome!


  1. Absolutely! Love to see that all the classic characters are in the spotlight and they've trimmed back all the extraneous crap. Whoever is in charge of managing the Muppets right now is doing an excellent job. Has me very optimistic for the upcoming film.

  2. This only made me love the song more. Great video.

  3. I am super impressed with the voices. They seem a lot better to me from even the bohemian rhapsody video...