Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Would Larry David Do? Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 7 Recap (Spoilers)

Another episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm means another week of Larry David doing the cringeworthy things that we all wish we could do. Click through the jump for a recap of the episode and the answers to the question "What Would Larry David Do?".

(Spoilers ahead!)

What would you do...
if you tell a female friend about a woman that you are completely falling for, and the friend tells you that she is also seeing the same woman?

You might confront the woman that you are seeing, or back away altogether.

What would Larry David do?
Larry challenges (guest star) Rosie O' Donnell to see who can be the lone survivor of a dating tug-of-war.

Awkwardness level: 4/10
Larry rises to the challenge, and makes a game out of it.

The above scenario sets up the episode. It feels very much like a Seinfeld episode from here on out. Definitely better than the last few for a few reasons. The pacing was great. The comedy and overall attitude was very light and fun.


What would you do...
if your japanese takeout order was ruined because the soup spilled all over the bag?

This has happened to me a few times, but mostly because the entire bag falls over in the car as I'm driving home. But if it wasn't my fault, I'd probably just order a new meal from a different restaurant. I have a huge fear of someone tampering with my food, so I will never complaint about a meal to a server or cashier at a restaurant. I might say something much later, but not while they're still preparing my food.

What does Larry David do?
Larry takes the food back and doesn't want new meal. He just wants an apology.

Awkwardness level: 8/10
Who wants an apology instead of free food? And Larry takes it much further by pressing on and on until the cashier (owner?) asks him to leave.

It's so odd, but so good at the same time. The waiter apologizes and bows to Larry. The bow is revisited when larry sees a Japanese man bowing in the park as an apology. This man's bow is very low in comparison to the earlier bow. After a conversation with the japanese man Larry learns  that a proper apology bow should be very low, and the bow that Larry received as an apology was a "shit bow".

The rest of the episode is pretty solid. Larry bumps into LA friend Duckstein, (played wonderfully by Alan Zweibel) and refuses to eat lunch with him. Larry then tells him that they should never have lunch and he'd prefer to never even bump into him again. This also feels very Seinfeldian and reminds me on the extreme annoyingness of Kenny Bania. There are some softball game scenes with a little Larry vs. Rosie action (Rosie feels much more natural than Ricky Gervais did last week), and finally (and yes I mean FINALLY) Leon Black returns. A fun episode overall.

Here's a preview of next week's episode:

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